Grief isn’t always about bereavement

Grieving is a natural process for something that is now missing from your life. It can be anything, from a loved one, a pet, an object, or even friends after you’ve moved away. Prolonged grieving is far more common than you may think, yet most of us will only experience it as fleeting moments in the passage of time, fond memories or sadness as the months roll by.

The normal cycle of mourning such as denial, fear, feeling lonely, grief, anger and ‘letting go’ are normal for many of us, but the ‘letting go’ part can often be difficult for some, especially when the grief is mainly accompanied by loneliness.Others may find themselves getting stuck at other stages of the process, such as anger. The feelings can often turn inwards into despair and depression.

All of these feelings are perfectly normal, and wane with time. However, for a small number of us, it may feel like these feelings are never going to leave. This may be the time to think about counselling, advice, and guidance.

Grief Counselling can help…

  • To accept the reality of the loss and understand its significance
  • To work through the confusing pain of grief
  • To adjust to life alone – to re-draw our map of oneself
  • To let go of the person and find a place for them emotionally