Anxiety can take many forms. From phobias to physical panic attacks, Anxiety can be at the forefront of your life, and can sometimes seem to take over.

Anxiety is a physical overreaction to a particular environment or scenario. Its symptoms can range from nervousness, feelings of unease, and mental stress to a full panic attack, which see’s the body react in a fight or flight situation, causing very rapid heartbeat, disorientation, feelings of separation and a very real sense of your body not being able to cope.

Anxiety can be mild, or it can be severe. Either way, if it is affecting your daily life and your ability to cope, then it may be time to seek out solutions and remedies. Despite what you may currently think, anxiety is a treatable condition with the right approach. Counselling can help by helping you understand the cause of your problems, and finding an answer. It can also be used in conjunction with medication and is therefore advised by many doctors and healthcare professionals, particular where panic attacks are concerned.

Whatever your problem, and your level of anxiety, talking to someone about it can be the first step to overcoming it. If you’d like to give me a call, I’d be happy to talk you through your options and help you take that first step on the road to recovery.