Addiction Problems, and how counselling can help…

If you mention addiction to someone, they normally think alcohol, drugs, smoking, or other similar substances. However, in truth, addiction can be all of those things and more. What defines addiction is not the target of the addiction itself, but the physical or mental issues it causes.

Addiction can be about anything, literally. Whether that thing is drugs, alcohol, the internet, sex, Gambling, or even everyday things like coffee or a particular food. If you find yourself craving (either mentally or physically) something more than normal, then there is a strong chance you may have an addiction problem.

Thankfully, counselling is known to help in most cases, and can help you along the path to recovery and a normal life again.  As a professional of over 20 years, i am an experienced addiction counsellor, and have a reliable, friendly, yet professional approach to all types of counselling and therapy.